Increase Productivity in your hair salon

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Motivated staff increases productivity!

Do you know that you can use your Salon Software to help motivate your staff and increase productivity in the salon?

Through your software, you can view or print your employees’ activities and see what areas they are doing well in and what areas need improving.

By sitting down with your team and running through the report, you are able to talk about what can be done (by all staff) to improve performance within the salon. It’s important to ask for their ideas and feedback also. By all sitting down and talking openly about ways to improve salon productivity, you are essentially doing a team building exercise! The purpose of the report is to identify room for improvement, not to target poor performance.

Through the Salon Software reporting you can view things including how many walk in clients an employee is taking, how much they are making on services and/or retail products, what services they spend more time performing and the total amount of sales they are making per week.

So get your team involved, set some goals and get motivated together.

This is a great article from StartUp Bros which talks about staff motivation. Click here.