It’s time to host a VIP event!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Is it time to host a VIP Event?

Have you ever thought about holding a VIP night for your customers?

It’s a great way to enhance loyalty, increase bookings and find new referrals.

Simply invite your clients to the evening and ask them to bring a friend.

You can choose to do different things on the night such as:

  • Hairstyle tips and demonstrations
  • Hair analysis
  • Hair care and education
  • Wine and nibbles
  • Lucky door prizes
  • Goody bags – approach your suppliers to help put together some sample bags
  • Discounts on future bookings

You can host the event free, charge a fee for tickets or even request a donation for charity. If charging for tickets, you may want to offer a discount on a product or service which is the equivalent of the ticket price.

What are you waiting for? Start planning an exciting VIP night and build your business.

You can use your Salon Software to see which clients spend the most with your salon to help you compile your invitation list.