Opening a new Salon

Monday, October 12, 2015

Tips for opening a new Salon.

Have you just setup your Hairdressing Salon or are looking at opening a new Salon in the near future? We have put together some tips on how to get started along with some links to other helpful articles.

Hairdressing Salons, if managed well, have proved to survive even during tough economic times. It’s important to make sure your business starts off on the right foot to give your new Salon the best chance of success.

When starting a new Salon, there are 3 choices: renting or buying a dedicated space, working from a home salon or offering a mobile service. Whichever you opt for, you’ll need to do lots of planning before you pull out your scissors.

In brief, here are your first basic steps:

  • Do your research
  • Decide on your location
  • Get your finances in order and set up a business plan
  • Check for licensing and council regulations
  • Choose your services
  • Purchase equipment
  • Produce a great marketing plan to get you started

We read a great article from Startup Smart which gives you an honest outline of what’s involved in setting up, and running, your own salon. Check it out here.

If you are going to be running your business from home you should take a look at this article from

For those of you considering providing a mobile service, you can read more here.

Tips for Success

  • Don’t stop learning. You can never have enough knowledge.
  • Make sure you keep in touch with new practices, products and styles as they become popular
  • Invest in a great salon software system which will ultimately save you time and money
  • Make sure you stay up to date with licensing requirements and changes to small business rules and regulations
  • Undertake a bookkeeping course or choose a great bookkeeper you can trust.
  • Make your salon highly visible. You can achieve this with a good brand which flows through to signage and online platforms.
  • Discover your point of difference (and boast about it). What makes your salon the salon of choice in your area?
  • Connect and network with like-minded entrepreneurs, local business people and industry bodies such as HABA.