Appointment Book

The Bright Orange appointment book is so easy to use. Take a quick look at our video and see for yourself.

Our spacious touchscreen buttons allow making or changing appointments simple. Just click/tap or click/tap & drag. Click once to proceed to checkout or to move, repeat or tag an appointment. it’s that easy.

Marketing by SMS, Email & Letters

This is the engine room of the Software, with thousands of combinations to help build your business and interact with your clients. Our easy to use marketing selection screen makes choosing your target list a breeze.

The name merge will help your promotion look personalised even though you may send out 100’s of offers. The selected email addresses can be exported to your email software or use our MailChimp integration with built in reporting.

Customised Services

Our services setup is completely customisable, as there are no pre-set services or limitations. Have as many or few as you need, add a new service or category anytime, update your services and all of your prices in seconds using our creep adjust method.

Employee Management

Have full control over which parts of the program employees access. Each employee has their own password, simply tick the sections they are authorised to access.

You can easily print reports that show each employees productivity and workload. This means you can see exactly where your staff are doing well and what areas they may need to work on.

2 Way SMS Features

SMS Marketing is quickly proving to be an essential marketing tool within our industry. With Bright Orange, we make it simple and affordable to keep in touch with your clients via SMS

You can quickly and easily send out appointment confirmation messages to help reduce the amount of no shows at the salon. Clients can reply to your messages in a matter of moments from their phone.

Automated Marketing

Stay in touch with your clients the easy way.
This is truly a set and forget way of marketing to your clients and building your business.
There are three main selections: Birthdays, Non-Returned Clients and First Visits.
Click on the read more section to find out more about these great marketing features.

Time Clock

Bright Orange has an easy to use built in time clock.
Employees can clock on and clock off using their unique code.
The time clock has built in reporting, which means that all of the information you need is right there at your fingertips.

Free Updates

We don’t charge you for updating the software.
All updates are included in your monthly subscription cost.
Our developers are constantly working on innovative ideas to make sure our Software is up to date and a valuable tool for our clients.

Client Management

We have simplified the client card giving you all the vital information on a single screen, including client contact details, birthday and reward points.

You can print a client’s service history, notes and much more. It’s simple, fast and gives you all the information you need on one screen. You can search for existing clients by first name, surname or phone number.


There are over 100 reports to choose from. We recommend that after the first few weeks of using your new Bright Orange software, you should print as many reports as you can, then work out which reports suit your business the best.

There is so many to choose from including yearly comparison & advanced booking, end of day, appointment book and stock reports.


With Bright Orange, your data is secure. Because Bright Orange is not cloud based, your data is stored on your computer. It’s much less likely that someone would attempt to hack into an individual computer rather than a server with 100’s or 1000’s of databases.

Automatic Backups

There is no need for you to do a thing when it comes to backing up your important data. The Bright Orange system does it all for you.
You also have the power to backup your data onto your own device should you with to have another alternative.

Point of Sale

Much like the rest of our salon software, the Point of Sale (POS) is touchscreen friendly and simple to use. It’s the way every POS should be.

The appointment book seamlessly integrates with the POS. Clients may pay using pre-set payment options such as cash, credit cards, loyalty points, and PayPal. POS will print customer receipts and open your compatible cash drawer if required.

Stock Control

All of your products are taken care of with Bright Orange. Products are extremely easy to setup in the Bright Orange software, but if you’d rather us setup your products, simply email us the spreadsheet from your supplier and we will set it all up for you.

Stock ordering is simple. You can create and receive orders in just a few clicks.

Select whether a product may be discounted or allow for loyalty points to be earned.

Loyalty Points

Clients accumulate loyalty points based on dollars spent.
Loyalty points are a great way to encourage clients to return to the Salon and can be used on chosen services and products.


Our Administration section allows you to customise the software.
Choose from a 10 minute or 15 minute appointment book.
Setup your salon details, employees, discounts, surcharges, tax amounts, loyalty points, receipt printer, credit cards & payment methods.
You can also control petty cash from this section.