Appointment Book

The Bright Orange Salon Software appointment book is so easy to use. Take a quick look at our video and see for yourself.

Our spacious touchscreen buttons allow making or changing appointments simple… just click/tap or click/tap & drag.

Click once to proceed to checkout or to move, repeat or tag an appointment. You can print or display a client’s history with a single click, it’s that easy.

With one click you can choose from the employee menu to print appointment pages and employee rosters or view available appointments. You can track appointment changes and reduce your “no shows” with the built in SMS Features.

Perfect for hairdressers, beauty salons, nail salons and spas.

A Single click or tap will bring up a menu giving you the choice of

  • Checkout
  • Client Arrived
  • Appointment confirmed
  • Client Details – takes you to the client’s card
  • Move appointment (to another day) or click to drag for the same day
  • Repeat Appointment – rebook all of the client’s future appointments
  • Tag appointment with 3 characters, for requested VIP or Gift Voucher etc.
  • Undo
  • Add or read notes
  • Add History
  • Print History

A single click or tap on an employee’s name brings up another menu

  • Add or view a message for the selected employee
  • List the employee’s appointments with the option to print
  • Send an SMS
  • View available appointments for the next 28 days
  • Appointment book reports-
    Print the appointment page for the selected day for ALL employees
    Print the appointment page for the selected day for INDIVIDUAL employees
    Print all client histories for clients with appointments for the selected day
  • Employee roster report
  • Appointment changes and deleted report

Other appointment book features

  • Client appointment search which is an easy way to search for a client’s future appointments
  • Appointment book roster
  • Employee roster
  • Multiple day views
  • Track all appointment changes
  • SMS reminder and confirmation – once the client has responded with a “yes” the appointment will change colour letting you know the customer has confirmed their appointment.