Automated Marketing

Stay in touch with your clients the easy way. This is truly a set and forget way of SMS marketing to your clients and building your business. Create a template from any of the three main selections: Birthdays, Non-Returned Clients and First Visits.

Birthdays – Never forget a birthday again. Send a personalized message on or before the client’s birthday. Simply choose how many days in advance you would like the message to be sent, create your template and our salon software will take care of the rest.

Non-Returned Clients – Simply select how many days since the client’s last visit and Bright Orange will take care of the rest. Our software is smart enough to not send the promotion to clients that have a future booking.

First Visits – Keep in touch with your new clients by sending a message to thank them for visiting the salon. Or maybe a message to rate their visit to the salon. We find most clients are more honest when replying by text so this tool allows you to grow your business and eliminate reasons for customers not returning to the Salon.