Customised Services

Our Services section is easy to customise to suit your business. We don’t just offer a standard drop down list to choose from, you can enter and compile your own unique list to suit your business.

You are able to enter as many or few services as you need, add a new service or category anytime or update your prices in seconds. There is also a printable price list.

Services can be set up with a single price or up to 4 prices per service. This is helpful when employees have different pricing structures.

In Services, you can select whether a service may be discounted or eligible for loyalty points. You can also pre-set the service time length to ensure appointments are allocated the correct duration.

It’s easy to ensure rooms or equipment are not double booked. For example, if a laser machine is required for an appointment, selecting the resource will secure the item for that time and not allow for the machine to be booked twice. Rooms are considered a resource and can be allocated the same way to control bookings.