There are over 100 reports to choose from. We recommend that after the first few weeks of using your new Bright Orange software, you should print as many reports as you can, then work out which reports suit your business the best. There is so many to choose from including yearly comparison & advanced booking, end of day, appointment book and stock reports.

Salon Summary – This displays everything most salon owners’ need in a single report. The report can be combined with all employees, a few selected employees or a single employee. There are 3 graphs to choose from on this report.

Yearly Comparison – This report compares up to three years of sales and client information. Compare month-by-month and year-by-year on Service Sales, Product Sales and Total Sales. For the same period the report will compare New Clients, Walk-In Clients and Total Clients.

Transaction Report – Displays every transaction in detail, including the price of individual services and products, the transaction total, the related employee, the payment type and the time the client was checked out.