Stock Control

All of your products are taken care of with Bright Orange. Products are extremely easy to setup in the Bright Orange software, but if you’d rather us setup your products, simply email us the spreadsheet from your supplier and we will set it all up for you.

Stock ordering is simple. You can create and receive orders in just a few clicks. Once the order is created, the quantity is easily altered and products can be added or removed. Save the order as a PDF and email to your supplier or simply print the order.

Select whether a product may be discounted or allow for loyalty points to be earned. Products may be setup to check levels in the stock reports section. Your professional and retail products may be separated or combined for easy reporting and tracking.

Our product reporting allows you to see stock levels in real time, along with which products are selling well and of course not so well.

Stock setup costs are $100 for up-to 500 products, then $10 per 100 products thereafter. We require the barcode, range, product description, size, wholesale price and retail price all on a CSV or XML file. If parts of the data are missing we will leave the section blank where possible.